What has always been common knowledge for a ship’s cook is still valid today: The atmosphere on board is strongly influenced by the food and the overall supply situation. Crews on ships and platforms expect tasty, nutritious meals and a good variety of foods. Around the clock. We are perfectly aware that hard-working people deserve the highest quality of nourishment.





The preparation of an extensive range of foods, the deployment of highly qualified personnel as well as the creation of a good catering infrastructure are the core competences of our service portfolio.
If the physical well-being of the crew is good, motivation and performance will increase. Therefore, it is our goal to please and satisfy your offshore employees. Not only should they be well fed, they should also be served healthy, wholesome, tasty meals.

Your employees are your capital and need to be handled well. Our staff of experts will make sure of that, providing a culinary all-round service and highest-quality housekeeping. Dependable, reliable and on time.



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