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Our philosophy

What you should know about us

The atmosphere on board is highly dependent on good nourishment. A fact, that’s been present in the minds of ship’s cooks since the old days. Ship crews and platform personnel expect tasty, healthy food that’s rich in variety and available around the clock. For us it’s self-evident that hard working people deserve the highest quality of food.

Preparing an extensive food selection as well as providing highly qualified personnel and gastronomic infrastructure on location are the most important aspects of our service portfolio.

Good sustenance is essential in regard to crew motivation and work performance. That’s why we’re intent on offering more than just a satisfactory selection of meals. Your crew deserves more than simply having enough to eat. They should receive a natural and wholesome diet that’s wholeheartedly enjoyable. The crew is your capital, it should be treated well. Our specialists and the high standard of our culinary concept will make an essential contribution to this – we’re dependable, reliable and right on time.