Internal and external trainings keep our staff up to date with the newest developments in their respective fields of work. We are, for example, able to guarantee that our meals are always composed regarding current nutritional knowledge. In other areas such as assistance and logistics we also offer state-of-the-art service. Our seaworthy crews fulfill their duties according to certified standard (SeeBG since 01/2010 BG Verkehr). First Aid training, Basic Safety training STCW, G25, BOSIET and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training are only a few examples for the safety training of our teams.


Code of Conduct


All GFAM employees are bound to a mandatory guideline of behavior which states important ground rules. It is our goal to give our staff orientation and to promote fair and correct behavior. Our crews are trained to manage conflicts and assist with legal or ethnical questions which may arise.


We train and educate our employees – for you.

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